About Company

PT. Danakaya Dian Samudra specialize serving various industries. We believe in delivering exceptional services, providing high quality products and become trusted supply chain partner to our valued customers.

Our team of experts worl‹s closely with you to gain insight into your business operations and goals, and to provide tailored solutions that help you better manage your operations and achieve your objectives.

Mission to exceed your expectations and build long-term relationships through our commitment to excellence.

What We Do

At PT. Danal‹aya Dian Samudra, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and exceeding your expectations.

Rail & Rail System

Provide a complete crane rail system solution, including rails, fasteners and nstallation of a crane rail system is essential to the success of any project.


Designed as stress resistant, the mechanical performances have been certified and tested by worldwide renowned laboratories for the specialized Rail Tracks Construction.

Rubber Pad

Designed to provide load distribution over a larger surface, eliminate load concentrations and ensuing fatigue stresses, center loads on the supporting element, absorb uneven contact surfaces between rail and support, and reduce wear of the rail and its support.


Experience in installing individual sole plates in a variety of industrial and storage applications.


Designed to protect the berthing structure without damaging the vessel hull for all potential vessel types, sizes, and approach scenarios.

Cathodic protection

Cathodic Protection of wharf structures is an effective method of corrosion protection.